Double Stroller Reviews: How to buy the right one?

Double strollers are the way to go if you have twin children or have two with a very short age gap. This type of stroller is very efficient because you won’t have to lug around two strollers and at the same time, it allows only one parent to push. It gives the husband or the wife much more freedom, as they won’t have to rely to each other when it comes to taking the kids out.

Although double strollers are very bulky, it still saves you more space and effort than buying separate ones. There are also lightweight double strollers that are intended for travelling. Before you proceed to purchase a double stroller, make sure that it has all the aspects that you need, as well as the design most efficient for you.

In this article, we have listed the different types of double strollers and some factors to consider when getting one, so you’ll have no trouble looking for the right double stroller for your kids.


What are the different types of double strollers?

Mainly, double strollers differ on the style or positioning of the seats but there are also ones that differ based on the usage. We have listed below some types to give you an idea on what’s available in the market.



  1. Stadium-style – This is the style of a stroller where the seats are in front of the other, with the rear seat propped slightly higher. The two seats usually can be reclined and have their own separate foot rests and canopies to protect the children from the heat and UV. It should also have extra large compartments underneath to fit the baby needs. For this you can try the:


Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly

Bestseller No. 1
Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller, Balancing Act
  • 27 riding options for two children from infant to youth, including bench seat and standing platform options
  • Accepts two Graco Snug Ride Click Connect Infant Car Seats. Front Seat and Rear Seat: Up to 50 lb each
  • Two removable, reclining seats can be positioned multiple ways for optimal configuration and comfort while strolling


  1. Side-by-Side – This is another style that can be mostly seen used for same-sized children or twins. This is good as the kids can interact with each other and give them equal legroom. The only downside is that side-by-side strollers can be difficult to wheel in a crowded sidewalk and narrow passageways. Check out:


Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Black
  • 30" width-fits through standard doors, accommodates two 45 pounds children (90 pounds total)
  • Recline each seat and adjust each footrest independently of each other
  • One-hand fold, huge basket and canopy, removable bumper bar. Flame Retardant and Chemical Free, The peek-a-boo window in the canopy means that even with all that sun protection, you can still keep an eye on your precious cargo


  1. Back-to-Back – This design allows two kids to sit much like in stadium style, but the child propped higher at the back faces the parent. This is good if the parent is going to seat two different-aged kids, or a toddler and a newborn. The toddler can sit in front while the newborn can lie on the back, facing the parent. There are also ones that let you remove the back baby seat, exposing a seat for bigger kids. A good example is the:


Safety 1st Safety 1st Stand on Board, Classic Black

SaleBestseller No. 1
Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller, Onyx
  • Children can sit in the front and rear seats of this stroller or stand on the rear platform
  • Removable rear seat converts stroller to traditional Sit N Stand
  • One hand fold is fast and easy to use, large basket for storage. To clean the seat pad, use only mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth



  1. Travel – The best type to get for travelling is a lightweight double stroller that can fold compactly and can be easily lifted to take on the train or on the bus. It should also be sturdy enough to take a beating, especially if intended to be checked into planes.

For this purpose, it is recommended to get a simple umbrella stroller as they can be opened and closed easily, can be maneuvered easily in crowd, and can protect your kids from the sun during long travel walks. The downside is that these strollers won’t fare well in rough terrain and don’t contain fancy accessories. For this, check out:


Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Umbrella Stroller

SaleBestseller No. 1
Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller, Midnight (Black)
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Each seat holds up to 40 lbs. (80 lbs. total) | Canopies feature pop out SPF 50 sun visors to shield little ones | Peak-a-boo windows allow you to keep an eye on your children | Swivel bars make it easy to get children in and out
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This stroller features an aluminum frame | Weighs 28.66 pounds | Storage bin provides plenty of room for toys, snacks, etc. | Double stroller features 1680D fabric that is durable and water resistant
  • SIZE: Assembled dimensions (in inches): 29.5 (width), 36.2 (depth), 41.7 (height) | Folded dimensions: 29.5 (width), 30 (depth), 13.4 (height) | Easy/compact standing fold, foam handles and carry strap for easy storing or traveling | Quick release wheels


  1. Running – There are so-called jogging strollers that are meant for parents who want to take their kids out for a run. This is great for new mothers who want to get back in shape but can’t leave their babies behind. These strollers are huge, made with big rubber wheels, and are heavy duty.

Jogging strollers are designed for both smooth and rough terrain while still being completely comfortable for the kids, most especially since the wheels come with shock absorbers. The stroller is also made with additional safety so that parents can run at high speed without worrying about the stroller. A good example is the:


Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Stroller, Grey/Blue
  • Aluminum frame for easy handling
  • Dual trigger folding mechanism offers uncompromised safety
  • Molded, flip open child tray with dual cup holders & molded parent tray with dual fin grip cup holders


Key Takeaway: Whatever you pick, make sure that it is the best one for your children where they can feel very comfortable and tucked in safe. The stroller is also one of a parent’s best friends as it greatly gives them ease, but if the wrong kind of stroller is picked, it may be more hassle than help.


What are the factors to consider when getting a double stroller?

Safety – Always put the safety of your child as your top-most priority. Make sure to purchase a double stroller wherein both of your kids will be safe and secured. The double stroller must have proportionate sides so that when your children move a lot, the stroller will be strong enough to hold the weight.

Age – Consider the age of your children when picking a double stroller for them. As previously mentioned, side-by-side ones are great for same-aged kids while back-to-back and stadium style are good for a toddler and a baby. You can also get a back-to-back style where a bigger child can comfortably sit behind the main seat.

Comfort – The stroller should also be comfortable for them. Get ones that are padded and can be adjusted to reclining position so they can nap whenever they need to. The wheels should also be shock resistant, especially if you’re getting a jogging stroller. This way, your children won’t feel like they’re shaking every time you push the stroller.

Convenience Features – Check for other features that your stroller can offer. Does it come with storage pockets or bags? Does it come with organization trays and drink holders? Can you extend the hood of your stroller to cover more? Is the handle bar made of slip-free materials such as rubber? These features can greatly help you.



Get the right double stroller based on the style preferred and your needs. Through this guide, you’ll be able to know the different styles and purpose of many strollers and hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right one that fits you and your kids.

What are the best Umbrella Strollers? Reviews of the Best Ones

Umbrella strollers are your best bet if you like something lightweight to lug around for your baby. This is because umbrella strollers fold compactly and can be easily taken anywhere; you can throw it in the trunk of your car, take it to the subway or the bus, and check in at the boarding gate before riding a plane.

They are the ones recommended when your family is out and on the go because they are very fit for travelling and are equally durable for long walks. The fact that they can be folded neatly also makes them easier to lug or carry around without putting too much strain on your arms. Bring an umbrella stroller with you is also easier than having to carry your baby all the time.

With that in mind, you want to get the best stroller out there in terms of size, price, weight, and durability. In this article, we will enumerate and review the best umbrella strollers out there.


What are the best-rated umbrella strollers?

Below you will find different umbrella strollers with accompanying description and/or review. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down your search for the best umbrella stroller.


Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy


This stroller is very compact, can be easily set up, and has a three-dimensional umbrella fold. The seat comes a three-point harness to help keep your baby secure whatever the road surface is. The hind wheels come with double foot break and the baby seat has a footrest for comfort.

PROS: It weighs only about 7.1 pounds and can hold a baby or a child up to 40 pounds. The umbrella stroller, despite of being light, is constructed with good frame materials. The fabric is also well reinforced so you won’t see any fraying even after continuous use. The canopy is also big enough to shelter your child from the sun.

CONS: Most complaints are on the handle bar, which is too short for the average height of American males. Average females, on the other hand, won’t have trouble with the handlebars. However, those who exceed the height of about 5’8” might strain their backs pushing this umbrella stroller.


The First Years Ignite Stroller

SaleBestseller No. 1
Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller - Black
  • Durable, stylish aluminum frame (13 pounds) with large seat area
  • 4 position recline with 5 point safety harness. Maximum weight and height of child: 50 pounds and 43 inches
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels


Compared to the Cosco umbrella stroller above, this one is stronger, sturdier, and more heavy-duty. However, it is also more expensive, about three times the price of the Cosco. It has a durable frame that can take a child up to 50 pounds, a five-point harness for additional safety, a parent console, and a lower storage basket.

PROS: The handlebar of this umbrella stroller is pretty high, so tall people won’t have trouble navigating the stroller around. They won’t have to bend, avoiding strained backs after a day of walking around. The wheels also roll smoothly, enough not to wake a sleeping child. The recline is also far back enough for them to comfortably nap.

CONS: The safety strap for the child is a bit narrow and in some cases, may not even fit the child comfortably. The storage space underneath is also very small so you won’t fit a lot and is a bit difficult to access. Consider only putting small stuff in there such as snack or toys.


Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller, Fire Red

Bestseller No. 1
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller with 5-Point Safety System and Multi-Position Reclining Seat, Extended Canopy, Easy One Hand Fold, Large Storage Basket, Parent & Child Tray, Slate Grey
  • LIGHTWEIGHT -- Travel friendly lightweight design (only 11.8 lbs), perfect for traveling and day trips
  • LARGE CANOPY --Three-tier, extended canopy for maximum UV protection. A peek-a-boo window so you can easily keep a watchful eye on your baby.
  • EASY ONE-HAND FOLD -- Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold, perfect for car travel and vacations.


This stroller is made of sturdy materials but is still lightweight and travel-friendly weighing less than 12 pounds and allowing to be folded compactly. The seat can be positioned in more ways the one – it can be upright or reclined and offers a five-point safety restraint for children under 50 pounds.

PROS: The three-tier canopy is great because it provides maximum protection from sunlight and UV. There is a parent tray located near the handles that is equipped with two cupholders. Underneath the umbrella stroller is a mesh storage bag that is wide enough to fit baby essentials such as milk bottles, diapers, change of clothes, etc.

CONS: Although it’s not a big deal to some, the seats don’t come with extra padding so some children may find it uncomfortable. The seat can’t also be detached from the frame so you won’t be able to wash it with comfort.


Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

Bestseller No. 1
Jeep North Star Stroller, Black w/Grey
  • Holds up to 40 lbs. Removable carry-all parent organizer comes included Roll-up the padded seat to expose a mesh back and create a comfy headrest-helps increase air flow and keep your child comfortable
  • Extendable European-style canopy with sun visor Three-point safety harness Travel-friendly compact umbrella fold. 3-point safety harness
  • Parent features: easy grip, extra-long foam handles; parent cup holder Storage basket holds your travel essentials Front swivel wheels with suspension system; 5.5" front and back wheels


This umbrella stroller may be your perfect buddy for travelling as it is quite compact when folded, can be carried easily under one arm, and only weighs 11 pounds. The reclining seat can be multi-positioned, offers five-point safety restraint system, and can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds.

PROS: It comes with a snack and drinks tray for both the parent and the child and has three-tiers extended canopy to protect your child from the sunlight and UV and has a peek-a-boo window. It also comes with a relatively substantial container basket underneath that can fit most needs of your child.

CONS: The cupholders are a bit too small to fit standard sippy cups and the fabric used for the stroller is a bit slippery and prone to fraying. When the product gets damaged, the manufacturer also doesn’t provide warranty, as experienced by some owners.


Chicco C6 Stroller

SaleBestseller No. 1
Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller
  • Designed exclusively for the Chicco Keyfit Infant car seat
  • Audible click ensures keyfit is attached securely
  • Premium featuring ultra light anodized aluminum frame with easy one hand fold


This lightweight aluminum stroller weighs only 11 pounds and can be folded compactly. It has a two-position reclining seat and five point safety harness for the comfort and security of your child.

PROS: The front wheel has suspensions that make rough terrains smooth, which are good as not to wake a sleeping child. It also pushes smoothly and has a handle bar high enough so that tall people don’t have to hunch forward. The sunshade is also great as you can unsnap it and change the angle depending on where the sun is.

CONS: Some parents found that the strap is too short, especially the crotch strap. It is also not adjustable, which can be a problem if your child is too big.



If you’re looking for an umbrella stroller that you can easily take anywhere, make sure to first check the weight and the sturdiness of the stroller. It should be able to live up through all your travels and be comfortable enough to carry around.

Double Jogging Stroller Reviews: How to buy the right one?

For parents who stay at home to take care of their newborns/toddlers, running can be their source of relaxation and means to get back in shape. While it may be difficult, especially because the children (not one, but two!) would need your care and attention, running is definitely doable.

Through the use of a double jogging stroller, you can take your kids out for a spin. You can do your set of laps, while they can enjoy the beauty of outside. As you run to keep your body fit and healthy, the kids can marvel at the outdoors, play with each other, or nap together. It doesn’t only become a one-of-a-kind bonding moment with your kids, but the three of you are having a healthy, fun time.

Double jogging strollers are very popular for parents who have twin children but it can also be used for different aged kids, such as a baby and a toddler. The designs of double jogging strollers nowadays allow it to be more creative. If you aren’t sure on what to pick, we have listed some points to consider before buying one.


How to buy the right double jogging stroller?

Below you will see some factors to consider before buying a double jogging stroller. Although the purpose of all jogging strollers is the same, they differ in build, quality, style, and price.

Terrain: Consider where you will be running and the terrain of that area. If it is too rocky or you think you’ll be running more on dirt rather than in a smooth pavement, get a jogging stroller that is capable. For rough terrains, it is recommended to look for inflatable tires, good suspension, and shock absorbers.

It would make the ride smoother and more bearable for your children. This is very important because if your children are always shaken, they will always get woken up from their nap, which may result to their grumpiness. Annoyed kids won’t make your run much easier.

Safety: This is probably one of the most important factors that you should consider when getting a double jogging stroller. Ensure that the materials, especially the frame, are durable to handle the weight of your children. The movements that you’ll be making are strenuous and you want a stroller that could hold its proper upright posture.

Also take a look at the straps for each seat. It should have enough length to properly cover your children. Check the crotch strap, as it is the one that is usually short. Most importantly, get something that has hand breaks as it makes it easier for you to control the stroller when going down on a slope. You don’t want to make yourself the brake, as it won’t do much good for your posture.

Wheels: What set a jogging stroller apart from traditional strollers are the wheels. It is bigger and sturdier. They are usually aired and come with shock absorbers so that it can roll through rough roads and rocky dirt roads without waking up napping kids. Because it’s going to carry two kids, the weight is heavier, so you should definitely check if the wheels are up for it before purchasing.

Also, as an added security measure, make sure that the lone front wheel of your jogging stroller can be locked to make it run straight. It will avoid sudden swivels when you accidentally roll on a rock, which may cause the stroller to tilt. At a fast speed, this is the something you don’t want to happen.

Comfort: Above all, your children are the priority so you should make sure that they are very comfortable in their seats. Pick a stroller that is padded and can be reclined so they can nap comfortably.

Key Takeaway: With all the above considered, hopefully you’ll be able to know the things to look for in a double jogging stroller. Bear in mind that the safety of your children is the number one priority.


What are the best double jogging strollers?


BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller; Black
  • Fit: Birth to 50 pounds each seat; 0 - 8 weeks with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible Infant Car Seat; child height 44". Dimensions 30.5" W x 43" H x 48" D
  • Smooth; speedy stability: Locking swivel-front wheel; air-filled tires; and mountain bike-style suspension system
  • Adjustable & Safe: 9-position adjustable handlebar with wrist strap; no-rethread five-point harness; independent near-flat recline; ventilated seats; and extra-large UPF 50+ canopies


This double jogging stroller has pivoting front wheels that can be locked for easy maneuverability. The wheels come with a suspension system for a smooth ride and the frame is compact and easily folded so you can bring it anywhere with ease.

The wide shade protects your children from sunlight and UV. It comes with peek-a-boo windows so you can constantly check on them while running.

Parents love this because: It rides smooth and it’s such a breeze to push.


InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (16-Inch, Blue)

SaleBestseller No. 1
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Tropic
  • Accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats
  • Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, MP3 speakers and covered storage compartment. Dimension(inches): 32.5 W x 46 L x 43 H


This double jogging stroller comes in a stadium-style so your children are seated in front of the other. The frames and the fabric are very sturdy that you won’t worry about it tilting in case of sudden movements made by your kids. The downside is that it is very heavy.

The handle is also high so tall people won’t have trouble navigating it. Parents can maintain a good posture while jogging, which is great.

Parents love this because: The tandem design makes it easier to maneuver against very tight spots.


Schwinn Discover Double Swivel Stroller

SaleBestseller No. 1
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Tropic
  • Accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats
  • Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, MP3 speakers and covered storage compartment. Dimension(inches): 32.5 W x 46 L x 43 H


This side-by-side double jogging stroller is made of aluminum frame for easier and lighter handling. The pneumatic tires are well built that it’s almost gliding when you run and it’s also very quick to maneuver. The grip is rubberized so it is slip-resistant.

It comes with molded, flip-open child tray with dual cup holders and parent tray with dual fine grip cup holders.

Parents love this because: It comes with canopy-mounted speakers that accept most MP3 players. They will have a built-in entertainment in this jogging stroller.



Make sure that your double jogging stroller has all the necessities to make your run smoother and your children happier. It should have all the safety measures to make it acceptable to use when running at high speed. Carefully check the build of the body and the wheels as well as additional safety features such as straps and hand brakes.

Jogging Stroller Reviews: How to buy the right one?

Picking the best jogging stroller can sometimes be a difficult task as there are numbers of different things you are looking at as well as a number of different features you want in your jogging stroller. It is important to consider them all before making your decision and deciding on which one is best for you.


What should I look for in the best jogging stroller?

As previously stated there are a number of different designs and features in each type of jogging stroller, however to select the best jogging stroller it is advised you look at the base functions to set them all apart and determine which one really expands on it the best. Mentioned below are a few functions to consider:

  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Usability
  • Features

Stability: Stability will help ensure that using the jogging stroller is simple and does not cause any issues, which might affect safety. As it is a jogging stroller you will want to have stability in the way it moves so that you can get to your destination quickly and without any difficulty in actually transporting the stroller with the child inside.

Comfort: An uncomfortable stroller is not going to provide the best possible experience for the child that is sitting in it. For the most part it is them who will be determining if the jogging stroller really is worth the money and can be used. Make sure it is not too constricting to the point that it is uncomfortable, but don’t skimp on safety either.

Safety: Safety is the most important aspect of the stroller, as you want to ensure both your safety and the safety of your child. Making sure the stroller has secure seating, seatbelts, stability (as mentioned previously) and not possible parts where appendages can get injured is the first step in determining if the jogging stroller is safe.

Usability: When it comes to usability you want to ensure that you are using this stroller for its intended purpose. A large selection of these jogging strollers are created with this function in mind, so it does not serve the correct purpose if you purchase a jogging stroller but do not use it for jogging at all.

Features: The additional features should be an afterthought when selecting the best jogging stroller for you. As long as it is safe, secure, durable, efficient and will ensure a comfortable ride then that is the essentials before investigating any additional features such as trays, cellphone holders or even MP3 compatibility.


What are the best jogging strollers?

There are obviously multiple types and brands of jogging strollers available that can be purchased and each have their own designs and features that make them different from each other.


Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

SaleBestseller No. 1
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller, Tropic
  • Accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats
  • Locking front swivel wheels, and pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, MP3 speakers and covered storage compartment. Dimension(inches): 32.5 W x 46 L x 43 H


This jogging stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easier to handle and easier to lift because of its lightweight. Additionally it has a dual trigger folding mechanism that offers extra safety and as well as wheel locking, seat adapters and also a child tray and cup holder to keep the little one entertained on the jogs.

Large majorities of people who have purchased the jogging stroller have found it to be very well designed with the front wheels being very straight and offering no wobble, making the entire task of jogging with them much easier. The locking features also provide more functionality and the materials are strong and durable.

A small number of people have stated that there is the slim possibility that there might be a little bit of wobble in the wheel which could make it difficult to run properly with it, although it was mentioned that customer support offers a lot of fixes and is very customer oriented with ensuring the problem is resolved.


Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, Vanguard

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom
  • Stroller is for a child from birth up to 50 lbs, Max height limit 42" tall
  • Stroller has Multi-position, reclining, padded seat with a 5-point safety harness
  • 16" rear and 12" front all-terrain bicycle tires, Front swivel and locking wheel for easy jogging or strolling


Once again this jogging stroller features the ability to lock in the front swivel wheel to make it much easier to jog with. The tires are all-terrain making them efficient for long travel and the seats allow for reclining as well as including a parent tray with two cup holders and a covered compartment for storage of valuables.

Reviewers have stated that the all-terrain wheels make it especially useful for use on dirt roads and other non-flat surfaces, with the materials used showing minimal wear and the overall durability of the jogging stroller to be quite strong. The stroller has excellent maneuverability and fits in most cars with ease when folded up.

Some reviewers have had problems with the tires that are provided with the jogging stroller in which they have caused a flat and have had trouble with getting proper replacements from the manufacturer. Additionally one customer also had the misfortunate of missing parts, however this is a controlled circumstance.


Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect LX Stroller

2014 Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller, Azalea
  • Jogging stroller to maintain your active lifestyle, with baby
  • Lightweight jogging stroller for infant
  • One-second, one-hand fold-moms love it


It is touted as having excellent accessibility making it perfect for quick folding and moving around. The tires are also air-filled rubber and provide a smooth ride on any terrain, with the front swivel wheel able ne locked in to make the process of jogging with the stroller much easier to handle without having to navigate too much.

Customer reviews on the amazon page suggest that the stroller is excellent when setting up and the audible clicks indicate that a piece is in place, making it easier to get ready. The designs provides safety and the additional features of the parent tray add a much wanted bonus to the jogging stroller, alongside he good control and smooth ride.

On the downside, it was found that the lack of adjustable height for the handle bars, the lack of a cellphone holder and also the larger size and larger weight were all noticeable cons that can be a bit of a problem if you are not prepared for it. With that included, it is recommended that this stroller be used by people of average height, as a result.



With regards to all the information that has been mentioned, there are a lot of varieties of different jogging strollers which all have their benefits. Whilst it is not possible to pinpoint one jogging stroller as the best and most efficient, hopefully what has been mentioned will make the decision a much easier and clearer one.